About us

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We are our own design and manufacturing company for both clothing and accessories. Our pieces are full of beauty and art. The personal image is the skin of the soul, the first layer of our being.

Our clothes are full of time. We invest time in choosing the fabrics, in the design, making sewing patterns, sewing in the prototypes. We are proud of the team of professionals that make up our company. Each of them shares the importance of giving quality and excellence to each of the processes that make up the whole.


Some things about us...

The founders of this madness are Augusto Guevara Palacios and Silvia Manzana Hidalgo. He is a Doctor of Law, entrepreneur, furniture designer, chef and solution generator. She is a writer, poet, creative director of the brand, addicted to fabrics and to see beautiful women pass by with the clothes she once imagined. They are partners and couple. Apart from their three brands, they share their lives with Sofía, Lucas and Julieta, their three children, earthquakes, motivators and teachers par excellence. They love what they do and that in itself is already a success. They imagine the future with the same illusion that they live in the present.